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The Nihilistics were an industrial garage punk band based in Sheffield in the mid-1980s. We played a few gigs and sold a few tapes, but that was as far as it went - at the time. Our one real claim to fame was that we once did a gig with the Inspiral Carpets, at the Hallamshire Hotel in Sheffield.

A few years later, the Nihilistics got a name check in a list of the greatest gigs in Sheffield, so - nearly 20 years later, when loads of bands that were around at the time were doing "reunion" gigs - we decided to get back together ourselves. That was in 2006. We played a handful of gigs, and then in 2007 we played a "20th anniversary reunion gig". Since then, even Take That have got on the reunion bandwagon.

The Nihilistics played a 25th anniversary reunion gig in Sheffield on 20 September 2012.

We released our first album, Shred the Evidence, on 5 November 2014, as a free download on Bandcamp.

Now making plans for yet another reunion, 30 years on.

And... yes we do know that there is another band called the Nihilistics, an American punk band that got the name before us - but we hadn't heard of them at the time we decided on the name in 1987.

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